"Alone they are acclaimed musicians, mostly of the blues persuasion. Together their sum is greater than their parts. There are props, period clothing, sound effects, theatrical flourishes, a lot of instruments and singing, and there is film. The Silver Screen Scoundrels revive the black-and-white spirit of silent film, which dovetails into their propensity for dusty 30’s style swing and original roots and blues,folk and country blues. They are a modern portal back through time, down the telegraph wires of entertainment." - Frank Peebles - Prince George Citizen. 

    "In their stage presence, hats and suits, and on-stage patter they recall early 20th century performers of the vaudeville or music hall stage - or maybe a old Saloon in Dawson City. And then there are the original silent films, which are by turns slapstick funny, quirky and poignant. The crowd was thoroughly entertained, and members of the audience young and older jumped to their feet at the end of the second set, and demanded a couple of encores. Some of our patrons last night and this morning have commented on the quality of the silent films, and about the great musicianship and the overall look and sound of the Scoundrels show. One said: “I thought it would be good, but it was much better than expected!” So, this show is “highly recommended”. Channel your inner Scoundrel and go see The Silver Screen Scoundrels!" 

  - John (and Sandra) Barth for the Lakes District Arts Council  2017.10.19    

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